Human Resource Management

Sourcing for trained professional beauticians to meet the needs of the work field, through our affiliates recruitment agencies accredited by the Saudi embassy in the countries authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we ensure the provision of highly qualified and experienced beauticians to work in beauty salons and care centres, we believe that qualified employees are the main factor for the success of any organization.

HR Management Services

Recruiting Professional Beauticians

Recruiting Professional Beauticians

We recruit professional beauticians through accredited recruitment offices.

Attracting Saudi Talent

Attracting Saudi Talent

We attract Saudi talent for administrative positions in salons and care centers.

HR Management Services

HR Management Services

We provide all business services related to employee affairs follow-up.

Available Countries

Required Documents

Salon owner full name

Salon Name

Salon Address

E-mail Address

Phone Number

Commercial Record photo

Visas List

Working Municipality License Photo

Photos for all Salon sections

Salon Sign photo

Female workers Accommodations photos

Salon Owner passport photo

Creative Management implements and supervises women’s center projects during all stages, starting with identifying the appropriate location for the activity, implementing the decoration design, preparing and furnishing the site in accordance with the client’s vision while applying the highest quality standards.